Friday, May 19, 2006

Prom More Prominent. Today's Washington Post has a very sweet story about how high school boys are using inventive methods to ask girls out to the prom. The story says that in today's celebrity-driven, over-the-top entertainment culture, asking a girl to the prom has turned into performance art. The article notes
Prom proposals, as these humbling exercises are now called, have been more elaborate than ever this spring, according to Promspot.com's associate editor, Kate Wood. Promspot solicited examples this year and received hundreds of responses from teenagers all over the country, "even North Dakota," says Wood. "This is not just an East Coast/West Coast thing." Clearly, though, it is a big thing. A chat with her girlfriends, a phone call or a quick conversation by the lockers between classes won't do anymore. That's so 2005. In 2006, the request has to be painted on a giant sign parked in front of her house or accompanied by 50 red candles, hundreds of Hershey Kisses and an original poem. Why? For the same reason guys go to prom: because girls want it that way
. Why the emphasis on elaborate preparation? Apparently, many teens were inspired by the characters in MTV's "Laguna Beach" who were seen making these elaborate proposals. There's also another reason, the Post reports, quoting one 17-year-old girl,"The romance is gone from everything else. All we do is go to parties and hook up. Prom is like a real date."


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