Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Press A1 if ur condom broke. In another pioneering effort, the San Francisco Department of Public Health has launced a cell phone based sexual health information service, called SEXINFO. According to a department news release, the service and the text codes were created in conjunction with several focus groups of at-risk youth. The service allows cell phone users to enter a few codes and receive text messages with sex help information. According to a department handout, users should "Press A1 if ur condom broke." Here are a few other codes:

B2 - if u think ur pregnant.

D4 - to find out about HIV.

F8 - if ur not sure u want to have sex.

Two things come to mind. First, this could potentially create a number of new popular culture terms. I can image a number of adult women (and men, too) talking about their dates, saying "this is definitely an F8 situation." Second, let's be clear "my condom broke" is a generic excuse for not using contraception. According to a number of scientific studies (here's one) less than two percent of condoms break during use. So don't tell me it was an A1. I know you were too lazy to stop at the drug store.


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