Wednesday, May 03, 2006

National Turn Off the Computer Week. Did you know that last week was "National Turn Off the TV Week?" I just found out (via an email). We only have one TV in our house and it is rarely on any more, except when my wife and I check sports and weather before going to bed around 11 pm. We have four computers in the house, two desktops and two laptops and sometimes they are all on at once. The boys are playing computer games or downloading music and my wife and I are working or emailing (is there a difference?) Perhaps watching the TV as family wasn't so bad. The shows were dumb, but everyone was in the same room together. Here are the suggested activities of the turn-off-the-TV organizers:

Here's an idea to get preschoolers excited about the idea: Instead of watching their favorite show, help them act out what the characters do. With a backpack and a map, they can pretend to be Dora! Send them on an "adventure" to follow your map and find a treasure. Or, give your "Little Einsteins" a "mission" to find a lost treasure or do something for a family member. Many times, the shows' websites offer fun games and activities too.

So, instead of watching a cartoon, you go to the Nickelodeon website and download an activity? Hmm. Thank God for Little League. It gets everybody in uniform, outside and playing sports.


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