Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day vs. Father's Day. AARP magazine reports that last year there was a 40% differential on spending for gifts on Mother's Day vs. Father's Day, with $3.2 billion more going for Mom. The magazine notes that one likely reason is that men's median income is 31% higher. Yeah, of course men make more money. But isn't the increased attention to moms due to the fact that they remain the primary caregiver? We dads are doing more and more, but we have a long way to go (on a nationwide basis) before we perform as much as moms do. OK, we've seen the cost of honoring mom, what's the cost of cheating on her? Men's Health magazine has calculated it will cost a man $10,471 to have an affair. This includes $3,600 in family therapy and $4,300 in lost wages (men in bad marriages have low productivity). As the article notes, "If you play, you will pay."


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