Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't know much about geography. According to an AP story on Yahoo News, despite extensive media coverage of Hurricane Katrina, nearly one-third of young Americans couldn't locate Louisiana on a map and nearly half were unable to identify Mississippi. These findings come from a survey conducted by the National Geographic Society of Americans aged 18-24. Among the findings:

• Six in 10 could not find Iraq on a map of the Middle East.

• While the outsourcing of jobs to India has been a major U.S. business story, 47 percent could not find the Indian subcontinent on a map of Asia.

• While Israeli-Palestinian strife has been in the news for the entire lives of the respondents, 75 percent were unable to locate Israel on a map.

This is pretty depressing. I wonder how many of the kids that don't know where Iraq is on a map will join the armed forces and wind up going there? Dads, take notice. The male brain has superior spatial skills. Remember, 50,000 years ago, it was the father's job to teach the young males how to hunt and navigate. Here's two ideas. Get your kids involved in planning your next vacation and put up maps in their rooms.


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