Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dad wasn't always acceptable. The term "dad" wasn't always considered polite, according to the book The Modernization of Fatherhood, by Ralph LaRossa. He notes that in the early 20th century, some commentators thought "dad" was too familiar, too informal. Father was considered more polite. The book notes that dad has the tone of "affectionate familiarity." Fast forward 100 years to the early 21st century. Dad, thank goodness, still retains its positive meaning. Daddy, however, has slipped into youth slang as a reference to an older man who is financially supporting a younger man or woman. Think "who's your daddy?" Note the Wikipedia entry. Remember The Music Man? One of the slang terms derisive the kids used was "so's your old man." I wonder if kids still use that term. I'll ask my teenager when I take him out to McDonalds tonight.


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