Sunday, May 07, 2006

Austin Powers in the dugout. In the dugout yesterday, Kenny,10, was walking alongside the bench, asking each player, "Do you know what shag means?" Shag, of course, is a baseball term. But the popularity of the Austin Powers films has made the British slang connotation the more popular one in our culture today. And you could tell by Kenny's mischievious tone which definition he had in mind. I overheard him and paused for a moment wondering whether to intervene. He asked Rikki and Kevin, who both quietly said yes (even thought they probably didn't really know). But then I saw he was about ask Melissa, the lone girl on our team. That was too much. When boys are talking among themselves, I think its natural for them to use a certain amount of slang (but not profanity). But when it comes to dealing with young ladies, they have got to learn to be more polite. "That's enough Kenny," I walked towards him. "It's just a joke. It's in Austin Powers," he said defensively. "That's a movie theater, this is a Little League dugout. We have rules about language and you know it," I said. A few minutes later, it was Kenny's turn at bat. He struck out. That quieted him down for the rest of the game.


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