Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another "father" has died. Louis Rukeyser, the father of the financial TV show, died Tuesday. As the Washington Post story put it, he was to investing "what Julia Child was to French cooking." FYI, Rukeyser, a print journalist, founded "Wall Steet Week" on PBS in 1971. Although the Post story didn't use the term father, it did use the genetic metaphor.

Rukeyser's program was in many ways a harbinger of what is now commonplace. You can spy the DNA of "Wall $treet Week" not only on CNBC's yakkety talking-head programs, but also in the format of political shout shows and the Sunday-morning NFL pregame debates."
Editorial note: I had the satisfaction, as a financial PR guy, of placing a guest on Rukeyser's show in 1991. My client, the late Douglas Campbell, was an expert in Mexican stocks. Anyone who followed his advice ("Buy Telmex"), would have done very well.


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