Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Trump kids. A story in Yahoo News recently proclaimed "Trump Kids Carving Out Own Role in Business." The story notes that

Donald J. Trump Jr., 28, and Ivanka M. Trump, 24, and they are slowly carving out a role in their famous father's real estate business while fashioning their own identities.

In cramped offices located on the 26th floor of Trump's Fifth Avenue headquarters, Ivanka and Donald Jr. have been learning the art of the deal from their father.

"They are very formidable, very smart," Trump said. "They will promulgate the brand throughout the world. I have no doubt about it."

The siblings are positioning themselves to run the company one day, hoping to build on their father's successes, avoid his failures and bolster the company's fortunes.

"That's the intention," Ivanka says. "Ultimately, it's a family business."

What lessons can humble, middle-class fathers learn from the billionaire's handling of his kids? Most of us don't have large fortunes or family businesses to pass on. Well it looks like he's helped them learn self-discipline and the value of a good education. Both of these kids graduated from the Wharton School for Business. Although Trump has had several (three, four?) wives, he seems to treat them pretty well. He seems to be a sober, hard-working guy. And he has always spoken highly of his own father. Here is one other anecdote from the story I liked:
Trump, who is not known for lavishing anyone with praise, singled out his son in front of hundreds of people at a news conference earlier this month.
Sincere praise is one of the most valuable gifts a father can give his children. I bet that compliment meant more to the son then getting a new sportscar.


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