Saturday, April 08, 2006

Starting pitcher. For a middle-aged guy, there are few joys that compete with that of seeing your son on the mound as the starting pitcher. It doesn't matter whether it's college, high school or Little League. That's your son up on the mound. Your hopes and genes. How did he do? He walked four and struck out four. Not bad for his first time. I am most proud of the fact that he earned it. He's been wanting to pitch since our first game four weeks ago. I'm one of the coaches and could have put him in earlier, but he wasn't ready. "I don't want to have you go out there and fail,"I said. So we've been practicing after school. He has worked hard, improved his form and accuracy and he performed well. If you have a potential pitcher in the family, I can recommend Coaching the Little League Pitcher by Randy Voorhees, available at Amazon.


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