Thursday, April 20, 2006

Science Fair: Tonight we attended the science fair at my younger son's school. Worried about our country's ability to compete with India and China? Rest easy my fellow Americans. Our nation's children (and their parents) can conduct science projects with the best of them. My son's project documents the effects of an exploding water balloon. Tonight, I saw some bubbling volcanoes, balancing bricks and discharging batteries. One very professionally prepared exhibit documented the cognitive development of three-year old identical twins (they were the younger brothers of a 4th grader). Fascinating. This reminded me of how B.F. Skinner raised his daughter in a carefully controlled environment. (Note: Skinner's daughter turned out fine, she did not suffer mental illness and commit suicide, see the Wikipedia entry on him). The other big dad news today was my teenager came off the bench for his HS team and earned an RBI and later scored! And this was no ordinary team we were playing against - this was Beverly Hills. They have a great school system and very competitive sports teams. Of course, it is a little strange to see a baseball team arrive in a stretch limo and not a yellow bus (just kidding).


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