Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rainy day moments #12 & 35. Another soggy day here in LA. It was raining steadily most of the morning and early afternoon. Both boys are home, since it's the first week of Easter Break. Stay-at-home-dad (SAHD) was tasked with keeping them occupied. Due to the rain, both boys' baseball teams (Little League and high school) cancelled their practices, adding to the cabin fever. I was working on a major project for a client, so the best I could do was take them to a lunchtime break at McDonalds, which is within walking distance of our house. We donned our rain gear and headed out. We passed the local flood control channel which had turned into a good sized river after the precipitation. At McDonalds, the boys had burgers (I just get a yogurt parfait). We noticed that McD's is now putting the nutrition information on their fries packages (but not the burgers). I will be watching the business magazines to see if this new health warning initiative results in a drop in fries consumption. Did you know that one small package of these goodies contains 240 mgs of sodium and 24 grams of fat? Whoa! I remember when they added health warnings on cigarettes in the 1970s. That definitely led to a increased consumer awareness and decreased consumption. It was one of the factors that prompted me to quit smoking in 1976. I congratulate McDonalds. An enlightened policy for the overweight American.


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