Sunday, April 30, 2006

Disturbing book title. I saw an ad for this book in the San Francisco Bay Guardian. I found the title and cover photo, with the teddy bear pacifer in a glass of whiskey, disturbing. My mother introduced me to alcohol when I was nine-years-old. I fell off my bicycle and skinned my knee. Her guesture of consolation was to have me sit on her lap and share her glass of sherry. Right then, my nervous system linked alcohol with pain killing and parental affection. By seventh grade, I began sneaking drinks from her sherry bottle when she wasn't looking. By college, I was drinking daily, a habit I didn't quit until much later in life. My own personal experience aside, I knew when I saw the book cover that the author had younger children. When your kids become teenagers, it no longer seems cute or clever to link alcohol with parenting. In high school, drugs and alcohol become part of the social scene for many kids. Responsible parents become very concerned about the models they are providing for their kids. References to alcohol dependency and sexual misbehavior just don't seem funny any more when your kids are at risk. How are you going to advise your son that you don't want him to drink, when you're holding a drink yourself? I have not read the book; it may be quite clever. The title alone, however, is an example of how a father's point of view changes as his children grow up. To see more reviews of this book, go to the site on Amazon.com.


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