Saturday, April 15, 2006

Celebridads reveal secrets. In a just published interview in GQ, Tom Cruise said he was going to classes to "understand what Katie's being going through." He also said his two adopted kids, Connor, 11 and Isabella, 13, will help take care of the new baby. If the older kids are busy, I'm guessing there will be a nanny or two to help out. Meanwhile, Michael Douglas, 61, gave an interview to the AP in which he said "being a good dad" is more important to him now than being a movie star. Douglas and his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones are the parents of Dylan, 5 and Carys,2. Douglas said that "I probably care a whole lot less about roles now because I'm happily married." I'm happy for both of these men. Unfortunately, most of us older dads don't have the luxury of being "less interested" in our careers. Many of us are trying to balance work and parenting. We can't simply dial back on our careers. Those of us with teens are are are worrying about how in the heck are we going to pay for college tuition and save for retirement. Please put on the Beatles. Either "Hey Jude" or "All You Need is Love." Thanks.


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