Friday, March 31, 2006

Mission Accomplished. My younger son went on an emotional roller coaster today. When I picked him up from school at 3:15 pm, he was beaming because he'd just earned an 'A' for his California mission project. He constructed it out of Legos and designed and built it himself. I didn't even breathe on it. Many of the other kids had finely detailed missions built from clay or foam blocks, but those required a dad's helping hand. After school we headed up to the Little League field for a late afternoon game where we got pounded, 14-0. All the kids on the team were upset. Although my son got a hit and made a good play at third, he felt down like the rest of his teammates. Many of the kids were in tears. Even though we were hopelessly behind, we played until the bottom of the 6th inning when the game got called for darkness. Some of the moms asked afterwards why we didn't just forfeit after 5 innings and go home and get out of the cold, but we wanted to teach an important lesson: you don't quit just because you're behind by a big score. You hold your head up high and play the game. Some of the families went out for dinner afterwards and the kids came back to life. Nothing like a hot meal and an ice cream dessert to lift your spirits.


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