Monday, March 27, 2006

GRUPS: Isn't this a wonderful photo of cool-looking dads holding babies? It's from an article titled "Up With Grups," in the current issue of New York magazine (www.newyorkmetro.com). The writer, Adam Sternbergh, said the term Grups was first used in Star Trek and stands for a contraction of "grown-ups." In this very long article, Sternbergh focuses on 30-something people with young children. One of his key points is "this cohort is not interested in putting away childish things. They are a generation or two of affluent, urban adults who are now happily sailing through their thirties and forties, and even fifties(author's italics), clad in beat-up sneakers and cashmere hoodies.." I'm 55 and no longer "sailing." When you get in your fifties and/or when your kids become teenagers, you no longer wear cashmere sneakers or have collections of $200 jeans. The good news is you will not become brain dead at 50. However, you will not be buying expensive shoes and jeans because your kids will be in high school and you will be much more worried about how you are going to pay for their college education. Pay for tuition? Yes, you will pay for their college tuition because that's what your parents did for you. Only now, the tuition costs a small fortune. At that point, you will from being a Grup to a Bankgrup.


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